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Be YOU not them

Sounds simple right? But sometimes we get stuck in this comparison game that really is no fun for anyone. So then if the game isn't fun, why do we struggle so hard to be ourselves? My millennial hot take is that somewhere in our childhood we were ridiculed for being ourselves. Something that is inherently us was made fun of, told we weren't cool, or even punished for. The results of that? Clones. We are all clones of the ones who either didn't receive feedback on what made them them OR they didn't care anyway. Oh to be the latter. So much of the time I wish I didn't care what people thought of me, but I am a millennial woman who will probably always care to some degree what people think, unfortunately.

BUT I think if we could take something from Gen Z, it's be YOU. The world needs YOU! You bring something special to this world and we need to see it, appreciate it, and honor it. What a life, to live truly authentic to yourself.

Anyway, enough about that, to make this project I used a frame from Craft Dealz and painted it white with just regular old acrylic paint. Then I laid the transfer on top and used storm and slate rose paste to complete the design. After that I stained the frame in Mission Oak stain and put together! Easy!

If you make this project, make sure to tag me on social media! I'd love to see what you are creating!

To purchase the transfer and chalk paste visit: Be You Project

To purchase surface used visit: Craft Dealz

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