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Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly imperfect. Do you struggle with perfectionism? Does it hold you back from starting something because it's not perfect? Here's the thing, the best thing you can do is start when it ISN'T perfect. That way you can learn and grow through the mistakes. You yourself can grow alongside whatever it is you are trying to start.

I often hear from people "it has to be perfect" "I need to have the perfect set up" "I need this or that" and the reality is you don't. You're actually holding yourself back from being successful because you aren't starting. So instead of making things "perfect", just start. In the end you'll grow into what you want rather than trying to make it as perfect as possible. Which, by the way, is impossible.

Comment below if you fall into the trap of trying to make things perfect before you begin. I'd love to hear your strategies for starting and getting over perfectionism.

To create this piece I used a rectangle simple shape, painted it with turquoise acrylic paint, cut the piece from the Exist Loudly transfer and used bright white chalk paste. This project is super simple and perfect (see what I did there) for a beginner!

To order all the supplies for this project please click this link: Perfectly Imperfect

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