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Are you a person who uses sarcasm regularly or periodically? I use it regularly. Sometimes it's intentional, sometimes it just comes out and I think did I really mean to use sarcasm there? Was it appropriate? Did they understand I was being sarcastic? Shoot, are they offended?

So, the other thing about me, is I'm a chronic overthinker. I will ponder, analyze, scrutinize, and dissect conversations, decisions, interactions until I'm not even sure what really happened. It's not good. I actually went to counseling because I would often get stuck in a circle of thoughts and could not get out. Thank goodness for a kickass counselor who helped me learn the tools to get myself out of those struggles. I get stuck there way less frequently than I did before. *hallelujah*

So, sarcasm, it definitely has a time and a place. It's not for everyone. But man, it really helps me sometimes, even if I'll spend the next 2 days thinking about it. What about you? Do you use sarcasm periodically, regularly, or never?

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