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Secret Garden

We are just coming out of a cold snap here in Montana. To give some context, there will be a 60 degree difference from yesterday to today. It was -19 yesterday and it's supposed to be 41 today. Sometimes I sit here and think, why do I live here? The winters are brutal. And then I remember the summer. The summer is glorious.

Spring is on the horizon and I can tell you I'm looking forward to it. I have planned out the garden for the year and now I just need to work on sowing seeds to transplant after our frost date. Things like this make the brutal cold much more bearable. Plus, we got snow, which means our aquifers and rivers will have water this summer. Huzzah for water!

What about you? Are you in the brutal cold? Are you looking forward to spring and summer? What are you looking forward to most?

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