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Unexepected JOY

Where are some places you've experienced unexpected joy? The kind of joy you didn't know you'd experience. I had that joy this weekend when I went to a concession stand. Yes, you read that correctly, a concession stand! It brought back so many memories of high school sporting events, working concessions for Majorettes (if you aren't familiar a dance/drill team), spending weekends at tournaments eating haystacks and hot dogs. I was telling my husband, I just love a concession stand. I can't help myself. It is like a kryptonite to me. I'm just like TAKE ALL MY MONEY! $6 for a soda, okay!

As an adult, and a business degree holder, I see the prices and I know where they are making their profits and still. I order what I want. The popcorn, the soda, the haystack (you may know this as taco in a bag), I'm just all in on concession stands. Maybe that's why I also love food trucks? Hmmm...more to ponder on that.

Is there somewhere or something unexpected that brings you a sense of joy? What is the concession stand in your life?

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